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The answer is yes.

CW: Intimate partner violence; emotional abuse; sexual abuse; narcissistic abuse; physical abuse; physical violence

According to Google, the use of the term “narcissist” has seen exponential growth since the 1990s.

It’s become a sort of “catchall” term from anyone who posts a lot of selfies to…

[This essay is available in audio on YouTube]

If you haven’t read Robert Kolker’s New York Times article, “Who Is the Bad Art Friend?” then Where have you been?

My boyfriend sent me the article after the story blew up on Twitter. I am not one to have the attention…

To the Family of Peter K. Hixson:

Thank you so much for sponsoring this award. It brought me great joy to call my mother and tell her that her daughter was now an award-winning poet. …

[Note 9/28/2021 | This post was originally written in November 2019. I briefly removed it after an unknown, but terrible person, told my mother I wrote a post about how she is an alcoholic. This post has not been edited, but I took it down to examine how it could…

Yellow debuted in June 2021 from World Stage Press.

The cover of Ravina Wadhwani’s debut publication, Yellow, depicts a hand in front of a cityscape, holding a bouquet of sunflowers. It’s as if the cover is telling the reader, “Here, take these. Keep them. …

This Body debuted in December 2020 from World Stage Press.

Andrés Sánchez didn’t come here to make you feel comfortable; he came — per his personal mission — to make you consider the struggles of LGBTQ+ people.

“This book is intended to provide a snapshot of one of many stories…

How does sibling estrangement change when a parent faces death?

[This essay is now available in audio on YouTube]

Brother: a male who shares one or more parents with another person

By definition, I have a brother. A male sibling. My parents, that is, had a son seven years before I was born.

For the sake of his privacy, I’ll refer to…

[This article is now available in audio on YouTube]

Finding myself in the throes of quarantine a month after my father’s death was an incredibly convenient excuse for me to not see anyone. I was in so much emotional pain I couldn’t bear to see anyone happy. I couldn’t bear…

[This letter is now available in audio on YouTube]


It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve lived without you for an entire year. And then in the moments when I needed to call you, ask your advice, ask questions about the family members who passed away years ago, the feeling is…

[This article is now available in audio on YouTube]

The Tier 1b classifications for receiving the COVID vaccine need to include ALL people on a Developmental Disability (DD) waiver.

At the last minute, Tier 1a classification was changed to include all “Residential service settings for people with intellectual or developmental…


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