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Yellow debuted in June 2021 from World Stage Press.

Cover of Ravina Wadhwani’s poetry collection Yellow. A brown skinned hand holding a bouquet of sunflowers in front of a cityscape.

The cover of Ravina Wadhwani’s debut publication, Yellow, depicts a hand in front of a cityscape, holding a bouquet of sunflowers. It’s as if the cover is telling the reader, “Here, take these. Keep them. Let them open your heart,” and that’s exactly what the reader experiences in the almost 200 pages of poetry and prose contained in the collection.

Wadhwani’s book is divided into five sections, each continuing the floral theme in its title: Seeds, Stems, The Wilting and the Blooming, Petals and Pollen. …

This Body debuted in December 2020 from World Stage Press.

Andrés Sánchez didn’t come here to make you feel comfortable; he came — per his personal mission — to make you consider the struggles of LGBTQ+ people.

“This book is intended to provide a snapshot of one of many stories that go unheard of in the LGBTQ+ community,” he writes in his introduction.

And with the tenderness of a flowering heart like that which adorns his front cover, he adds, “Some of the pieces can be triggering to you, the reader, so I ask you to take your time and…

How does sibling estrangement change when a parent faces death?

Brother: a male who shares one or more parents with another person

By definition, I have a brother. A male sibling. My parents, that is, had a son seven years before I was born.

For the sake of his privacy, I’ll refer to him as Collin.

He has my mother’s eyes and pale features with my father’s face and body shape.

I’m unable to see resemblances to my parents below the skin.

We grew up in the same household until he left for college when I was eleven. He spent the next ten years after that as a vague entity in my life, a person I knew existed but who lived disconnected from my reality or even…

Finding myself in the throes of quarantine a month after my father’s death was an incredibly convenient excuse for me to not see anyone. I was in so much emotional pain I couldn’t bear to see anyone happy. I couldn’t bear to see my friends not buried in my pain too. How could I hurt so badly and have it not affect the people around me to the point that they too could no longer function? How were they able to smile when my father was dead? How were they able to shower when my father was dead? …


It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve lived without you for an entire year. And then in the moments when I needed to call you, ask your advice, ask questions about the family members who passed away years ago, the feeling is indelible. I remembered New York winters when you’d sprinkle cat litter over the ice covered driveway. Why? Was it more effective than ice melt? Or just cheaper? Was it a special kind of cat litter that you used? Or just the cheapest? …

The Tier 1b classifications for receiving the COVID vaccine need to include ALL people on a Developmental Disability (DD) waiver.

At the last minute, Tier 1a classification was changed to include all “Residential service settings for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities of 3 or more DD Waiver participants (Participants and direct support professionals).” This change allowed adults with disabilities living in group homes to access this life-saving vaccine, but did not include adults with disabilities who receive respite/direct support services from their own or their family’s private home.

Having been excluded from Tiere 1a, adults with disabilities living independently…

Anne Marie Wells’ Top 10 Books of 2020

I didn’t expect to read very much this year. In the past I have read over 100 books a year, topping my record at 193 in 2017. In 2020, I completed a measly 36 books; several of which were for my online college classes.

Choosing a “Top 10” books for the year tends to be an arduous task, but given the low number to choose from, this year it wasn’t difficult. Usually to be considered for my “Top 10,” I have to feel as if the book has changed my life in someway. …

Black and white image of grapefruits forming neat rows. Text on top reads “An Adieu to The Vagina Monologues” in script font

Earlier this month, I was surprised to read The Vagina Monologues is retiring from the V-Day campaign. The campaign website reads:

This is a moment of reckoning and it is clear to us that the voices of Black women artists need to take center stage in a sustained and focused way. For this reason, The Vagina Monologues will be taking its bow and exiting from the V-Day campaigns. It will of course remain a play, but it will no longer be done as part of V-Day*

*If you would like to purchase rights to host a production of The Vagina…

BeautyCounter is one of the latest companies to trend in at-home MLMs. We’ve all been to a Mary Kay party (or Avon, or Pure Romance, or Arbonne), and now BeautyCounter has emerged to be “not like the other girls.”

Touting their “Better Beauty” movement dedicated to “clean” ingredients and advocacy for a “better future,” they nevertheless think it is good practice to charge more for products that are marketed toward women than for equal products that are marketed toward men.

This is known as the “Pink Tax” but that’s just a cutesy way of saying “Gender Discrimination.”

The soap bars…

24 Globe News

Now only a few weeks before the national election, I feel like we are doomed no matter who wins in November. Not for the reason many other people feel we are doomed — because our country yet again will be forced to choose between the “lesser of two evils” — but because our nation is more politically divided than ever.

And this political divide is by design.

Political leaders WANT our country to be divided because it is better for them to potentially get elected. Political division upholds the duopoly that Democrats and Republicans have on our government. It keeps Independents, Progressives, and Libertarians from achieving any…


Poet. Storyteller. Activist.

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