Ah, I see the point you’re making. But my post is not positing “people should not refer to women as girls’ because women don’t like it.” I’m positing that “people should not refer to women as ‘girls’ because of a psychological phenomenon that leads people to associate women with child-like qualities (i.e. not being able to make decisions for themselves, not being able to be a leader, etc.)”. There were surely women who preferred leaving voting up to the men. There are surely women who preferred their roles in society being limited to family and home life. The preferences of women in these cases aren’t necessarily 1. representative of women as a whole (again not the argument I’m making in the first place) or 2. beneficial to women as a whole. If ideasthesia weren’t a thing that existed, it wouldn’t matter. But it is a thing that exists, and so it does matter.

Author. Playwright. Poet. Activist.

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