Bernie or Bust? Let Me Guess, You’re White?

And if I guessed further, I’d guess a white, cishet man.

Leading up to the Iowa caucus on February 3rd, tensions are raising on the left about who will come out on top for the Democratic nomination, and I have seen more than one social media post announcing a “Bernie or Bust!” point of view —

One (very kind, funny, educated, good) person wrote:

If, as many of you claim, your SOLE objective is to defeat Trump and put a Democrat into the presidency, and if, as many of you claim, you are willing to vote for and support ANY of the Democratic presidential candidates in the General Election over Trump, then I am telling you that you NEED to primary and caucus for Bernie Sanders. Because I along with millions of others do NOT feel the same way. I am unwilling to vote for a sub-par candidate for president, and I will write-in Bernie Sanders if he is not given the Democratic nomination. Therefore the best, maybe only way you can be assured of a Democratic candidate’s ability to win my vote and millions of others like me is to nominate Bernie Sanders.

Another (intelligent, well-rounded) person simply put:

If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination I will vote for trump out of spite.

In other words:

“If I don’t get my way, I will punish everyone.”

Still frames from the Daily Show

Voting for Donald Trump “out of spite” or voting for Bernie even if he’s not on the ballot is irresponsible to vulnerable community members who do not have a voice to defend themselves, whose vote was probably suppressed, or who do not have voting rights.

Individuals harmed by a Trump presidency who cannot vote or have extreme obstacles voting:

  • Children
  • The elderly
  • The chronically/terminally ill
  • The disabled
  • Immigrants
  • The poor
  • Victims of commercial prisons
  • Animals
  • The air, water, and soil

So, If you are “Bernie or Bust” I’m going to guess:

If alllllllllll of the items above (and hundreds more that I just don’t have the emotional capacity to be as comprehensive as possible) are less important than your self-righteous decision to throw your vote, then

the problem is NOT other voters, the problem is egocentricity trumping the willingness to protect other individuals from harm… which is exactly why Trump is such an egregious human being.

So, really, you’d be no better.

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