Dead kids don’t convince gun lovers to ban guns. Here’s why.

Anne Marie Wells
8 min readMay 25, 2022

I was engaged to a competitive shooter. We were an odd couple, and our differing political views sat at the top of the list of reasons why we didn’t work out.

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Will and I met on Tinder.

We met up at a local bar and hit it off. We even made plans on our first date to go hiking together the very next day. When he showed up at my place before our hike, he had a toolbox in his hand. While talking the night before, I had mentioned at some point during our conversation how the faucet of my kitchen sink sprayed out from the bottom and drove me bananas. As the maintenance director for a hotel in town, he brought what he needed to fix it. And he did.

I was swooning.

Ultimately, our relationship didn’t work out, and not for any wild reason. We were just an odd couple and didn’t belong together. We each made a lot of concessions in our relationship to respect the other person’s polar opposite desires/interests/values.

I knew he had a passion for guns and competitive shooting going into our relationship, and I knew moving in together meant I’d be moving in with his guns as well. He kept most of them in a safe in his storage unit, but others were kept in our home. He made his own bullets with his own shell casings that he’d wash and reuse. He had a machine that sat 3-feet tall on his work bench in our living room where he’d spend hours making bullets for his shooting practices and competitions. He did most of his target practice and bullet making while I was at work, and I appreciated his respect for my discomfort.

I showed some support for his competitive pursuits, watching videos of his shooting runs, and I felt like it was incredibly generous on my part to agree to having his bullet making machine in our living room. It looked like this:

Left vs Right

When we were first engaged, a friend of a friend was murdered along with her two sons when her ex-husband and the children’s father shot them in a triple…