Dear Kurt Halsey, Come Back.

Anne Marie Wells
5 min readJan 5, 2020

[This letter is now available in audio on YouTube]

Kurt Halsey Frederiksen Both sides have a story, so don’t believe so much in yours sad soldier sitting on ground severed arm
“Both sides have a story, so don’t believe so much in yours.” — Kurt Halsey Frederiksen

Dear Kurt Halsey Frederiksen,

You are missed. By your loyal (read: cultish) fans.

I am one of those fans. Though, I don’t think I’m cultish. I have no altar. But I do have one original that I bought on eBay with money I didn’t have to spend. And I once drove over 250 miles with my friends to go see your art opening.

Look! We took this photo together!

Anne Marie Wells stands next to Kurt Halsey Frederiksen in the Art Star gallery in philadelphia, PA
Art Star Gallery, Philadelphia, 2008

Oh. I forgot. I have a tattoo of these two birds on my hip.

Always ‘member, never forget — Kurt Halsey Frederiksen painting of two doves on a blue background, sticky note on green
Always ‘member, never forget — Kurt Halsey Frederiksen

Every now and then I look for new art from you to see if you’ve resurfaced.

Still not yet.

Maybe not ever.

Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, and if I were a true fan, I’d know where to look.

A couple years ago, someone asked about you on Live Journal. Remember when LiveJournal was a thing?