Did you know BeautyCounter is guilty of the “Pink Tax”?

BeautyCounter is one of the latest companies to trend in at-home MLMs. We’ve all been to a Mary Kay party (or Avon, or Pure Romance, or Arbonne), and now BeautyCounter has emerged to be “not like the other girls.”

Touting their “Better Beauty” movement dedicated to “clean” ingredients and advocacy for a “better future,” they nevertheless think it is good practice to charge more for products that are marketed toward women than for equal products that are marketed toward men.

The soap bars depicted above are not the only culprit. Let’s take a look at a couple other examples of retail pricing I pulled from their website today.

CounterMan Exfoliating Cleanser | $25 | 6 fl oz | $4.17/oz

CounterStart Cococream Cleanser | $20 | 4 fl oz | $5.00/oz
CounterControl Clear Pore Cleanser | $26 | 5 fl oz | $5.20/oz
CounterMatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser | $32 | 5 fl oz | $6.40/oz

CounterMan Face Lotion $32 | 2.5 fl oz | $12.80/oz

Cocoboost Moisturizer $29 1.69 fl oz | $17.16/oz

CounterMan Charcoal Body Bar $19 | 5 oz | $3.80/oz

Citrus Mimosa Body Bar $22 | 5 oz | $4.40/oz
Counter+ Charcoal Cleansing Bar $26 | 3 oz | $8.67/oz

They may be doing their part to create a more environmentally-friendly world, but they are contributing to systemic misogyny while bragging about sustainable packaging. And that puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Human rights and equality is not listed in their mission, but this seems like a very simple “off brand” discrepancy to fix.

I have contacted BeautyCounter through their website. I will update this post if I receive a response.

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