How Long Was the Vanitha Mathil (“Women’s Wall”) in India?

The Vanitha Mathil (“Women’s Wall”) in India — Indian women wearing saris standing and sitting alongside a rode
Image from Arjun Ramakrishnan @aju000

In India, religious tradition historically banned women of menstruating age from entering a Hindu temple. Last year, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that women were indeed allowed to enter the temple, but women who entered or attempted to enter faced violence at the hands of men who saw their entry as sacrilege. In response, women protested by lining up on India’s National Highway 66. How many women? Estimates determined 3.5–5 million women across 385 miles. THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FIVE MILES!


So, how far is 385 miles actually?

From New York City to Montreal + 13 miles.

Google Maps Image: From New York City to Montreal, Canada

From San Francisco to Los Angeles + 2 miles

Google Maps Image: From San Francisco to Los Angeles, California

From Miami, Florida to the Georgia borderline + 2 miles

From Edinburgh, Scotland to Bath, England -1 mile

Google Maps Image: From Edinburgh, Scotland to Bath, England

From Paris, France to Harlingen, Netherlands + 2 miles

Google Maps Images: Paris, France, to Harlingen, Netherlands

And a walk around the island of Oahu… 3 times… and then 10 more miles…

Google Maps Image: Island of Oahu

How far is 385 miles? Really freaking far!

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