I also struggle with Interstitial Cystitis. I wrote this blog post about my experience and have seen a lot of progress when I changed to an anti-inflammatory diet. It, of course, may not work for everyone, but it might provide some relief.

I Found Relief from Interstitial Cystitis (5:CS) with The Plant Paradox Diet

Also, I lived in France for high school and grad school, and never received compassionate medical care there. When I had a UTI, my school could send the culture to the lab for results, but they didn’t have a physician to prescribe me an antibiotic. So, they sent me to a doctor down the street with my lab results so he could write me a prescription. When I was in his office, he told me to undress so he could examine me. I asked him why that was necessary if I had the lab results from the university that showed I had a UTI. He told me that we did things his way or I could leave. So I got up and left. He followed me out of his clinic and shouted at me in the street that he wasn’t an ATM for prescription medications. I was humiliated.

To be honest, male doctors in the states have not been much better.

Bon courage.

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