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How Colleges Choose to Protect Creepy Male Professors

I spent my entire undergraduate and graduate years studying science. So, when I published a children’s book and became “hooked on phonics”, I decided to expand my literary prowess by pursuing an Associate’s in English.

Let’s call him “Professor Creep.”

My first inkling to Professor Creep’s misogyny was in the second course I took that had him at the helm. The course’s textbook, a collection of poetry, short stories, and plays with review questions that the professor put together himself, did not include a single female poet, author, or playwright, and did not even include one strong, female protagonist. Professor Creep did feature Dover Bitch by Anthony Hecht, a satirical version of Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach.

In other words, the objective of the game is to buy, train and decorate women for the enjoyment and social status of male characters.

Do you feel like you need to take a shower yet?

For a professor to put his student in that uncomfortable situation at all is inappropriate.

But I felt like my hands were tied. This man was a gatekeeper. I would have to complete two more courses with him to fulfill my English requirements. To avoid rocking the boat, I ignored his email, hoping it wouldn’t happen again.

I decided to write Professor Creep a letter of complaint.

Dear Dr. Creep,

When I emailed the Title IX coordinator for answers, they never responded.

Do I believe the outcome would have been different if there were equal numbers of men and women of varying ages on the Title IX committee? Yes.

What are next steps for me when my college deems a creepy professor did nothing creepy?

I can forward my complaint to The US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights or the Chronicle of Higher Education, but will they care?

Developing a following for my writing is really hard. Can you help me out?

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