The Public Mockery of Amber Heard is the Exact Reason Victims/Survivors Do Not Speak Up

Anne Marie Wells
9 min readMay 19, 2022

It is nearly impossible to exist as a human being with an internet or cable connection and not hear about the defamation trial against Amber Heard.

The case that started out as as whether or not her Op Ed defamed Johnny Depp has now turned into a “who was more toxic to whom” trial, and I am saddened, but 0% surprised that most people are standing behind Johnny Depp as fervently as they are and vilifying Amber Heard as fervently as they are when the truth most likely exists somewhere in the gray area of both of their stories, where it so often exists.

First of all… have y’all actually read her Op Ed?

If you haven’t actually read the goddamn thing, then read it right now.

This is Amber’s Op Ed

Second of all… y’all acting like Johnny Depp’s life is ruined or on the edge of ruin.

Johnny Depp is not going to jail.

Johnny Depp is not going to live a life on the streets.

He won’t even live a life in a middle-class, two-story home in the suburbs of Iowa.

Johnny Depp is going to be just fine living as a multi-millionaire in his multiple homes for the rest of his life with his throng of ride or die fans in tow.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the people you’re actually harming with your insidious commentary are the people you love.

Amber Heard is never going to see your Facebook post calling into question whether or not she is bipolar or has a drug or alcohol problem or hashtagging Justice for Johnny and Amber Heard is a Liar, but all of the people in your life who have survived violence, particularly the ones who never spoke up, will see your post, and you will reinforce in them what they’ve always feared: Speaking up equates to humiliation, invalidation, and ostracization, and now they have the added fear that if they say anything, they could be sued.

Even if Amber Heard IS lying about EVERYTHING, your friends…

Anne Marie Wells