What Would It Take To Get the Progressive Party Out From Under the DNC?

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with one arm around each other and the other arm waving to voters.
Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with one arm around each other and the other arm waving to voters.
Image Credit: J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Within “the left,” tensions continue to increase between Progressives (Team Bernie/AOC, et. al.) and “Moderate” Democrats (Team Biden/Buttigieg, et. al.). The Green New Deal, Medicare For All, the use of Super PACs, a Wealth Tax, and less often, but still present — abortion access.

If Progressives try to abandon the Democrat umbrella, they’d likely meet the — a strongly committed base without a wide breadth — petering out to the surprise of no one.

So what would it take to allow Progressives to fledge the Democratic Establishment nest? Here’s my theory:

First, members of the left wing need to recognize their similarities and agree what is worth fighting for together. Hopefully what’s worth fighting for together is the end of obscene injustices against pretty much every demographic except cis, straight, able-bodied white male US citizens.

[Just in case you want to know what obscene injustice looks like, here are articles that outline the oppression of , , people, , , just to start the list. ]

The first practically impossible leg of the Partyhood quest would be to secure a democratic president, house, and senate in order to attain the second leg of the Partyhood quest — Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico.

But Mitch McConnell is big mad about the idea of statehood for those two domains and will do everything in his power right now to . In fact, he came right out and said without shame:

They plan to make the District of Columbia a state — that’d give them two new Democratic senators — Puerto Rico a state, that would give them two more new Democratic senators. […] So this is full bore socialism on the march in the House. And yeah, as long as I’m the majority leader of the Senate, none of that stuff is going anywhere.

A joint resolution would have to pass meaning both House and Senate would need to pass the territory’s referendum for statehood with a majority vote. Then the President would have to sign the joint resolution.

But Republicans know both D.C. and Puerto Rico would add two for-sure-blue states. So, as long as Republicans are in power at any step of the statehood process, a referendum wouldn’t pass.

Currently the US sports 24 Red States, 23 Blue States, and 3 Purple States — Florida, Iowa, and Ohio. Having two more Blue States would swing the general electorate to the left a notch or two.

If elections became runaways for Democrats, space would emerge for another left-wing party to stake ground.

Maybe the Green Party, maybe the Progressive Party, maybe a completely new party that has yet to be established.

It’s a long way off, however, mainly because Democrats’ biggest downfall is themselves. In 2016, many people voiced wanting a Bernie Sanders overhaul of government, but were told by media (Read: Clinton/establishment supporters) that it wasn’t feasible. Voting for Bernie Sanders was a sure fire way to get Donald Trump elected. Voting for Hillary, on the other hand, was a “for sure” win over Trump.

Check out this article from Reuters from November 7, 2016:

*Crying quietly to myself*

On the flip side, all the reasons a Trump presidency would be detrimental to society as we know it, and they still voted for him… because they liked him best. (Gross). — by a lot. Corporate media kept squawking that he didn’t “have a chance,” and guess fucking what.

We’ve been living this dumpster fire for the last four years because Republican voters didn’t listen to corporate media or the RNC.

And we’re likely to live in this dumpster fire for the next four years because Democratic voters DO listen to corporate media and the DNC and alter who they vote for because of what they hear. UGH!

Progressives cannot rely on the Democratic party to step out of the Status Quo. Period.

However, in my opinion, the best bet for securing a new, viable party and adding a “P” to the D, R, I, T line up is to vote blue (even for establishment blowhards who totally suck) in hopes of garnering two more blue states to make federal elections Democratic landslides.

Totally open to other ideas and strategies, though! Start a conversation in the comments.

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